what is it

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that can be used for any kind of task. For many people, time is an enemy. The anxiety triggered by “the ticking clock”, especially when a deadline is involved, leads to ineffective work and study habits which in turn lead to procrastination.

The aim of the Pomodoro Technique is to use time as a valuable ally in accomplishing what we want to do in the way we want to do it, and to enable us to continually improve the way we work or study.

what do i need to start

A kitchen timer
You can use either a real timer (we love the “Pomodoro” kind) or a software timer. Set it to 25 minutes.

A sheet of paper
Blank paper is good, lined paper is better, pre-printed Pomodoro paper is the best!

A pencil
An eraser is also a plus!

how can i start

The basic unit of work in the Pomodoro Technique can be split in five simple steps:

  1. Choose a task to be accomplished
  2. Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
  3. Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
  4. Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
  5. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

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